Keep all your trucks at 100% utilization Hassle Free

Trakking makes it easier for you and your drivers to find jobs on line, street-turn and match-back opportunities, and gets you paid quickly.

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TRAKKING's digital marketplace is transforming the trucking industry to provide better, convenient jobs for trucking companies and drivers making money faster with less effort and time.

Benefits to Trucking companies

More Available Jobs
Trakking Platform will provide all available jobs on a 24/7 basis and help you deal with idle trucks. No longer do you require to hire more sales people when your loads are all available on line at your fingertips. You simply need to select the jobs that would best match your current available capacity.
Faster Payments
With Trakking, payments to you and your drivers will be guaranteed within 14 days. You no longer need to carry 60 to 90 days of credit when the system can pay you promptly directly to your account once the jobs are all completed.
Rank your customers
Our 5-star rating system allows not just customers to rank your service, but you and your drivers will be given also the same ability to rate your customers. Our trucking industry finally has the opportunity to have a voice, to give feedback to customers especially for the long idle time at warehouses for hours and hours.
Street Turn Opportunities
Through TRAKKING platform, street turn opportunities will also be available. You can generate your own street turn, but imagine thousands of opportunities available on one single platform. Imagine the savings, and the additional revenue generated by your company.