Book, Manage, and Match shipments with the right drayage company and optimize your supply chain.

Explore a new road that will save money and time with reliable TRAKKING partners that will provide quality service with proper data analytics.


TRAKKING's digital marketplace provides transparency, visibility, and customized metrics for your business solving both your first and last mile of the supply chain.

Benefits to Importers and Exporters

Save Money and Time
With hundreds of imports and export loads, Trakking can offer most cost-effective trucking solutions. No longer do you need to call or find trucking companies to match your load, TRAKKING system will automatically list your orders through our platform and find available trucks for your orders. Street turns and match-backs will be automatically generated with our TRAKKING intelligent system.
Reliable and Flexible Capacity
Through our trusted network of trucks, you can control your trucking capacity 24/7. We recognize the seasonality of your business, and often trucks are required in certain times with additional capacity. Thousands of trucks are now at your disposal to select from. All have been checked, vetted, and rated accordingly.
Improve Quality
Our 5-star rating system allows users to filter out the best trucking companies. After each order, both importers and exporters will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the service, reliability, and other factors. These will allow other users to decide and filter out the best trucking companies in our industry.
Transparent Data and Insights
Our software gives greater visibility on where your load anytime and anywhere. With an increasing demand for the notifications on the first and last mile, TRAKKING system can generate customized metrics for greater reporting and analysis of all your shipments.